Korean Water (K-Water) is now officially the company to build the Tina River Hydro Development Project. This became official Monday this week when a team from IFC and the Tina River Hydro Development Project Office briefed Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare about this good news.  We are delighted about this positive development and wish to welcome K-Water to Solomon Islands. We will of course continue to provide updates as they become available. More about this latest development is in our news page.

The Tina River experience: Power (only) through partnership

Genuine partnerships are not just important for sustainable development; they are absolutely essential. This has been the lesson of Tina River Hydro in the Solomon Islands, where a flagship renewable energy project is approaching construction. Tina Hydro will displace more than 80 per cent of the electrical energy currently supplied by diesel generation.  Read article here Read more about The Tina River experience: Power (only) through partnership

Minister Declares Land Acquisition

Tina River Hydro Land Acquisition Process
The Minister of Lands, Housing and Survey, the Honourable Joseph Onika, has made a declaration that a portion of land is needed for the public purpose of generating hydro-electric power for distribution by Solomon Islands Electricity Authority within Guadalcanal. A copy of the declaration was published in the Solomon Islands’ Government Gazette on 21 August 2014.
This declaration begins the acquisition process under Division 2 of Part V of the Land and Titles Act.
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The proposal is for a single power station with four Francis turbines, each with a capacity of 5 MW. Water will be captured by a Roller Compact Concrete (RCC) dam, approximately 50 metres high, and fed through a 3.3m diameter headrace tunnel, a distance of 3.5 kilo metres to the power house.

Power will be conveyed to the Lungga substation, on the eastern outskirts of Honiara (a distance of approximately 22 kilometres) by twin 33kV transmission lines.

The power station is expected to produce just over 80 GWh in an average hydrological year, which is about the equivalent of Honiara’s current demand. Because of the significant variation between inflows during the wet and dry seasons, there will still be the need for back up thermal generation. Read more about Proposal