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Mark France

Mark France

Project Manager

Mr France is a lawyer by profession and has spent more than 30 years working in various hydro projects in his home country New Zealand. He joined the Project in 2010 as Lands Manager but became Project Manager in late 2011 after the departure of that post holder.

Fred Conning - profile

Fred Conning

Deputy Project Manager

Mr Conning is an electrical engineer by profession and has had experiences in establishing micro hydro projects around the Solomon Islands for 10 years before joining the Project in 2011 as the Deputy Project Manager.

Titus Siapu - Hydrology Officer

Titus Siapu

Hydrology Officer

Mr Siapu is a mechanical engineer by profession who joined the project office in early 2011. He is now the hydrological officer after he gained much needed training in New Zealand in 2012.