Dam Safety

The Tina Hydro power Scheme will be a single power station with four Francis turbines, each with a capacity of 5 MW. Water will be captured by a Roller Compact Concrete (RCC) dam, approximately 50 metres high, and fed through a 3.3m diameter headrace tunnel, a distance of 3.5 kilo metres to the power house.

Power will be conveyed to the Lungga substation, on the eastern outskirts of Honiara (a distance of approximately 22 kilometres) by twin 33kV transmission lines.

The power station is expected to produce just over 80 GWh in an average hydrological year, which is about the equivalent of Honiara’s current demand. Because of the significant variation between inflows during the wet and dry seasons, there will still be the need for back up thermal generation.

The proposal is for the power scheme to be developed by a private investor either as an Independent Power Producer (IPP)/Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT) project or a PPP with some public equity.

River monitoring data collection started soon after the project was launched in May 2010.

Drilling for a suitable dam site was completed at the end of 2013.

An ESIA is currently in progress. An interim report has identified no significant unforeseen issues, and a draft report for expert review will be available at the end of May.