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The following jobs are available under Tina River Hydropower Development Project

We are hiring! Our EPC contractor Hyundai Engineering Company are seeking to employ a skilled CAD Operator/Draftsman. Must have a minimum 3 years of experience in operating AUTOCAD and 4 - 5 years’ work experience with reputable engineering firms and institutions along with an academic degree or professional qualification in Computer Science/Civil Engineering/Architecture relevant from a recognised university in architecture and engineering. To view a full position description click on the job description and details link and apply by June 18. Job description and details link.

All Project Office positions will be advertised on Facebook and this website.

Local Employment

The Project endeavours to support local employment of Solomon Island Nationals wherever possible. To facilitate this, a Community Benefit Sharing Program was established to assist in fulfilling the Government’s intention to facilitate workplace training and employment for members of the Benefit Share Community.

The Project Contractor, Hyundai Engineering Corporation Ltd (HEC), and its sub-contractors must, when engaging employees where candidates have equivalent or better skills, qualifications and experience, give preference to: 

 (i) Members of the Benefit Share Community over non-members of the Benefit Share Community; and 

 (ii) Solomon Islands Nationals over non-Solomon Islands Nationals. 

The Project Contractor and sub-contractors shall not employ or engage a non-Solomon Islands National for an Unskilled Occupation or Semi-skilled Occupation unless: 

 (i) The position has been advertised within the Country; 

 (ii) Reasonable Payment has been offered for the position; and 

 (iii) No Solomon Islands National with the necessary skills and experience has applied for the position and is available to perform it. 

With respect to all other occupations, the Project Contractor and sub-contractors will give preference to the employment or engagement of Solomon Islands Nationals provided that in the reasonable opinion of the Contractor or its sub-contractors such persons are technically competent, and possess the necessary skills and experience to perform the work required by the Project Contractor, on a timely basis and on competitive terms. 

For further information on Project employment opportunities, please contacTina Hou from Hyundai Engineering Company (HEC) at [email protected] or on (677) 744-0582.

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