Project Office Team

Fred Tavuata

Deputy Project Manager

With a background in Engineering, Fred has been involved in the development of the energy industry in the Solomon Islands for more than 20 years. Before joining the Project, Fred developed renewable energy systems for rural communities in the Solomon Islands. Fred has been engaged on the Tina Hydro Project since 2010, driving the project since its inception. Fred’s dream is to make the Project a model of development for the Solomon Islands and to encourage more infrastructure development.

Graham Johnson

Environmental and Social Safeguards Manager

Graham leads the E&S safeguards function within the Project Office.  With a background in Engineering, Graham has over 30 years’ experience as an environmental and social safeguards professional, with extensive experience in the Resources and Infrastructure sectors and has undertaken work in 25 countries. His goal is to ensure that the TRHDP is constructed and operated in accordance with all SIG legal requirements, Lenders’ E&S policies and performance standards, and good international industry practice.

Joshua Toren

Environmental and Social Safeguards Officer

Joshua joined the Project Office in May 2019, taking on the role of Environmental and Social Safeguards Officer. Joshua has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and a Postgraduate Diploma in Climate Change from the University of the South Pacific (USP), Fiji. Joshua has over 10 years of experience in environmental monitoring and water resources management.

Helen Dolaiano

Gender Focal Point and Community Liaison 

Helen is the Gender and Community Liaison Officer. Before joining the Project Office in May 2019, Helen spent five years working as a Gender Research Analyst at WorldFish - Solomon Islands. Helen graduated from the University of South Pacific with a bachelor’s degree majoring in Management/Public Administration and Sociology.

Baltazare Rongo

Community Liaison Officer

Baltazare Rongo joined the Project Office team in August 2020 as the Community Liaison Officer. With over 8 years of experience in Community Engagement and Stakeholder Relations with various mineral exploration companies, Baltazare is tasked to monitor the implementation of the safeguard management plans in close consultation with the Gender Focal Point and Community Liaison Officers on the project.

Miriam Teku

Project Accountant

Miriam joined the Tina River Hydro Power Project in August 2018 as the project accountant. With over 15 years experience in the accounts field with different private companies, Miriam provides professional financial accounting services for the Tina River Hydropower Development Project. Miriam graduated with a Diploma in Business Finance at Solomon Islands National University.

Leanne Fugui

Resource Management Officer

Joining the Project in 2014 as a receptionist, Leanne is now operates as the Resource Management Officer, providing administrative support and ensuring the efficient operation of the Project Office. Prior to joining the TRHDP, Leanne was a Project Officer for the Pacific Community Integrated Disaster Reduction Project, liaising with the National Disaster Council.

Community Benefit Sharing Project Team

Francis Kapini

Community Benefit Sharing Project Coordinator

Francis has over 10 years interdisciplinary project management and consultancy experience, working for international organizations, NGOs, and the Private-Public sector in the Solomon Islands. Francis now heads the TRHDP - Community Benefit Share Project, working with government and major project partners to enhance the positive impacts of the Project for communities in the project region.

Clinton Kiko

Community Benefit Sharing Project Officer

Clinton joined the Project Office in March 2020, as a CBSP Project officer. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts at the University of the South Pacific and has experience working for various community-based NGOs in the Solomon Islands. With over 15 years of experience, Clinton has also worked for a number of Government Ministries where he has been involved with implementing various national funded projects for the SIG.

Helen Campbell

Community Benefit Sharing Program Procurement and Finance Assistant

Helen joined the Project as the Procurement and Finance Assistant in early 2020. Helen studied Management, Public Administration, and Economics at the University of the South Pacific, and has over ten years experience in logistics, finance, and office administration.

Communications and Media Team

Sarina Laurence

Communications Advisor

With over 20 years experience in corporate and project communications, media and marketing across several industries, Sarina has travelled the world working for large organisations in various roles. With extensive experience with project work in the Resources and Infrastructure sectors in Australia, Sarina leads the strategic project communications for the Tina River Hydropower Development Project.