The Project endeavours to support local businesses where possible with the procurement of goods and services to ensure further benefits for the community and economy of Solomon Islands.  During the construction phases, the below plan for procurement will be followed allowing for a domestic supply preference to be considered:

In respect of the purchase of goods and services and subject to any procurement requirements, the contractors will give suppliers located in the Solomon Islands an opportunity to compete in respect of the procurement of goods or service and be awarded as a preferred supplier.   In order to be appointed, they have to satisfy the selection criteria set out in the tender for such goods or services and such supplier's price is equal to or better than other suppliers located outside of the Country.   

For further information on the procurement process or to submit details to supply goods or service, please contact Ellysha Maneipuri ( [email protected] ) or Eddie Billy ( [email protected] ) on (677) 744-0582 from Hyundai Engineering Company (HEC).